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State of the Baltic Sea 2023 report is out!

The third HELCOM holistic assessment 2016-2021 is out and we have an infographic to summarise it to you.

HELCOM carries out holistic assessments every six years to follow up on how well the agreement is functioning, focusing on how the Baltic Sea ecosystem is doing. These assessments cover ‘moments’ in time over the dynamic life history of the Baltic Sea.

The third HELCOM holistic assessment (HOLAS 3) focuses on the years 2016-2021 and includes results at various levels of detail, including monitoring data, indicator reports and thematic assessments. 

State of the Baltic Sea 2023 is a synthesis report that builds on, and integrates, results from a wide range of assessment products produced within the third HELCOM holistic assessment. The role of this summary report is to link information from the underpinning assessment products together, thus highlighting the holistic aspects.