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BLUE4ALL will develop science-based tools for achieving Marine Protected Areas that meet conservation and restoration objectives, while addressing the needs and concerns of all stakeholders

We will work with stakeholders from 25 Living Labs and Information Sites in the Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea and North East Atlantic regions to develop tools for preserving and restoring the marine environment in a socially sustainable and acceptable way.

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Our report from our session at the UN Ocean Decade's satellite event MPA forum is out! 🤩

As part of the UN Ocean Decade Conference, held in Barcelona from April 8-9th, 2024, we organised the session "Become an MPA manager for a day!" - A roleplaying game that put the audience into the shoes of an MPA manager and the challenges they commonly face. 

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Become an MPA manager for a day! - Report of the session is out!

Don't miss the nice summary of our roleplaying game at the 2024 UN Ocean Decade’s satellite event “Marine Protected Areas Forum”.

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Blue Horizons issue #3

BLUE4ALL has united MSP4BIO project to put together Blue Horizons, a newsletter focusing on Marine Protected Areas, Marine Spatial Planning & Ocean Conservation news. 

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