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MedPAN Regional experience-sharing workshop on tourism in Mediterranean MPAs

The upcoming MedPAN Regional experience-sharing workshop and the MedPAN Annual General Assembly will be hosted from 27 November to 1 December 2023 in Hyères, France and online


This year's workshop will focus on tourism in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas. The overall objective of the workshop will be to enable MPA managers and stakeholders to pool and share knowledge, expertise and experiences in managing tourism pressure and its impacts on coastal and marine ecosystems, and in cooperating towards a transition to sustainable tourism.


Besides the opening plenary session to introduce the topic, the closing session to share the main conclusions and recommendations, and a field visit, the workshop programme consists of 9 discussion sessions introduced by case study presentations. Topics for discussion sessions were identified and prioritised on the basis of 170 responses from MPA managers and stakeholders to a questionnaire circulated last June and then refined with the help of the Workshop Steering Committee.

We invite you to browse the pre-programme of the 9 discussion sessions and to share your case studies and initiatives by responding to this call for contributions.

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